Iconographic Design Keeps Rolling On


Eugene, OR – Iconographic Design continues to forge new inroads into all types of graphic and artistic ventures. Founded in 2006 by Brian Hahn, Iconographic Design has run the gamut in production output going on it’s ninth year this July. They make all kinds of stuff! Here are just a few of the things they are veterans at making: stickers…vinyl especially, the kind that you put on your car; t-shirts: one offs to large runs, they’ll design and deliver them to your doorstep; posters: Brian and his son Ryan have been making rock posters for years. First with The Wetlands, Good Times and The Pour House, and then with GRRRLZ ROCK, and later with Wishbone Concerts in Portland, as well as Endeavor Productions and Wicked Jester, they perfected the attention grabbing concert flier!

Logos! They’ve created a generous number of them! Brochures, business cards, too many to count. Websites, several of those as well. Web banners. One of their specialties is computer game art, phone app. user interfaces and art asset art, and conceptual design and illustration for this technically intricate field. Plus, animation!

Brian Hahn cut his chops as an art director for dozens of games over the years for Dynamix, Inc., Sierra, Vivendi Universal, GarageGames, Monster Studios, Buzz Monkey, Playdom, PushButton Labs, and lately with

SpotkinĀ on their flagship product Contraption Maker, a vastly improved, yet in the same spirit as the legendary The Incredible Machine.

Want more? Painting parties! Hahn is an instructor at Vino and Vango in Springfield and also has his own mobile painting party business. That’s right, he’ll travel to your town and lead you and your friends and family in a fun, paint and party shin-dig that will have you painting like Van Gogh in only a couple hours! Hahn also teaches acrylic painting at the local Michaels Arts and Crafts on Gateway in Springfield if that is something you’d like to “dabble” in (pun intended, lol).

Need caricatures? They’ve got them, they do them, either online from photos or they’ll come to your event! Hahn has done caricatures at festivals, events and can even create duckatures…that’s right, turning you and your people into duck caricatures! See the caricature category for examples! He’ll even caricature your vehicle, he’s that versatile!

Need a custom designed painting for your cabin or that special room? He can do that! Have fun browsing the site and contact us about your graphic and art needs. No matter what it is, we can most likely do that for you!